4 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning in Sterling, VA
professional drain cleaning

4 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning in Sterling, VA

If you have noticed that the water in your kitchen or bathroom is draining slower than usual, you should consider hiring a professional drain cleaner. An expert can help you clear the clogs in your drainpipes before they create a major plumbing emergency. Here are four advantages of professional drain cleaning in Sterling, VA.

Helps Prevent Clogs and Slow Drains

Soap scum and other types of domestic waste can build up inside the pipe walls and prevent water from flowing smoothly. If left unchecked, these slow drains can develop large clogs that cause overflows or even flooding. An expert can help prevent this issue by removing the clogs early enough.

Eliminates Foul Odors

When waste builds up in your plumbing system, it starts degrading and causing a foul odor that permeates the entire home. A professional drain cleaner can use professional tools to clear the drain and ensure that you have high-quality indoor air.

Protects Walls and Floors From Damage

Your walls and floors will likely suffer damage when the water overflowing from a clogged toilet or sink runs onto them. If the clog persists, it might affect your home’s structural integrity.

Moreover, replacing some tiles or a section of your wall can be quite expensive. Therefore, avoid exposing your walls or floors to water by hiring a professional to clear the blocked pipes.

Increase the Pipes’ Lifespan

Regular expert cleaning maintains your pipes and enables them to last longer. This is because the professional cleaner inspects the plumbing system and repairs leaks. Additionally, he or she will identify other issues that might crop up in the future and prevent smooth water flow.

Preventative maintenance also saves you money since you don’t have to deal with corroded pipes and high water bills. It also maintains the value of your Sterling, VA, home.

In summary, having your pipes cleaned professionally protects them from clogs and potential blockage. Contact Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning today and allow our professional plumbers to fix the clogged drains in your home.