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Preparing Your Air Conditioning System for Vacation

Planning a well-deserved vacation this summer? As you prepare your travel itinerary and pack your bags, don’t forget to include your AC system on the checklist. Properly prepping your AC system before you leave can not only ensure energy efficiency and cost savings but also provide peace of mind knowing that your Northern VA home is well taken care of in your absence. Falcon experts will guide you through essential steps to prepare your AC system for vacation, ensuring a worry-free getaway!

1. Adjust the Thermostat Settings:

Before leaving for vacation, adjust your thermostat settings to optimize energy usage. In summer months, set the temperature a few degrees higher than your usual comfort level. This adjustment will help reduce energy consumption while still protecting your belongings and preventing extreme temperature fluctuations inside your home. If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, take advantage of its features to set specific schedules tailored to your vacation dates. A common misconception is that you should set your thermostat to “off” when you leave for vacation, but that actually causes your AC to work harder when you get back home. Plus, who wants to come home to a hot house after a week on the beach?

2. Clean or Replace Air Filters:

Dirty air filters can hamper the efficiency of your AC system and compromise indoor air quality. Clean or replace your air filters before leaving for vacation to ensure proper airflow and efficient operation. Clean filters will also help prevent dust and debris from accumulating while you’re away, maintaining a healthier environment for your return.

3. Consider AC System Maintenance:

If your vacation coincides with your AC system’s regular maintenance schedule or if it has been a while since the last servicing, it’s a good idea to schedule maintenance before you leave. A professional safety inspection and tune-up by Falcon expert technicians will identify and address any potential issues, ensuring that your system operates at its most optimal. Regular maintenance also extends the lifespan of your AC equipment, saving you from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

5. Secure Doors, Windows, and Vents:

To maximize energy efficiency and maintain indoor comfort during your vacation, ensure that all doors, windows, and vents are properly sealed. Check for any drafts or gaps that could allow conditioned air to escape or outside air to come in. You can even take it a step further and use weatherstripping, caulking, or other sealing methods to address these areas and create a more airtight environment.

As you plan for you summer vacay, don’t overlook the importance of preparing your AC system for your absence. Following the aforementioned essential steps to optimize energy usage and maintain system efficiency will not only contribute to cost savings but also give you peace of mind knowing that your home is well cared for. Contact Falcon to schedule a maintenance service or to explore smart home solutions that can enhance the performance and convenience of your AC system. Enjoy your vacation, knowing that Falcon has your AC needs covered.